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Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Rodney Nzioka poses with some of the invited guests during the launch of the Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar at Lakeside Adventure park

Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Rodney Nzioka poses with some of the invited guests during the launch of the Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar at Lakeside Adventure park

  • Treats guests to fun-filled day at Lakeside adventure park
  • Consumers can now choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

Influencers, guests and members of the media were recently treated to a day full of fun, adventure and team challenges at the Lake Side adventure park during the launch of the new Coca-Cola With Zero Sugar variant.

This comes just after the beverages company announced the launch of new graphics that use one visual identity system featuring Coca-Cola Red as a unifying color across the Trademark in a bid to extend the Company’s “One Brand” global marketing strategy to packaging.

The Red Disc, the signature element of the new “Taste the Feeling” global creative campaign launched in Uganda in April last year, will now appear prominently on packaging. Further underscoring the Company’s commitment to provide choice, the new packaging is designed to enable consumers to choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

To clearly identify each product, the signature color is featured throughout the packs and the new graphics will also include the unique product name and benefits on front of pack to help consumers make an informed choice:

  • Coca-Cola Original Taste (or Classic in select markets)
  • Coca-Cola Zero: Zero Sugar
Mr. Rodney Nzioka, Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager displays the new Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar during the launch at Lakeside Adventure Park in Mukono

Mr. Rodney Nzioka, Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager displays the new Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset,” said Rodney Nzioka, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Uganda. “The Coca-Cola Red Disc has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste, uplift and refreshment. By applying it to our packaging in such a bold way, we are taking the next step towards full adoption of the “One Brand” strategy, uniting the Coca-Cola family under one visual identity and making it even easier for consumers to choose their Coca-Cola with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”

“The unification of the brands through design, marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way,” Nzioka added.

Last year, Coca-Cola Uganda launched “Taste the Feeling” – a campaign designed to allow its consumers a continued celebration of their moments with Coca-Cola. “Taste the Feeling” is now live in 195 markets and includes 12 television commercials in addition to more than 100 campaign images, a visual identity system and a music anthem and audio signature.


Procter & Gamble Marks 12 years of Sharing Clean Drinking Water.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is committed to leveraging a tiny packet in a big way for the one billion people who still live without clean drinking water. Today, P&G announced that its non-profit initiative, the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW), has provided its 12 billion litre of clean drinking water as part of P&G’s commitment to help address the global water crisis.

This key milestone was celebrated in Kampala, where CSDW was also marking its 12th year of providing clean drinking water to needy communities around Uganda. Since its inception in 2004, CSDW has worked with a global network of more than 150 advocacy and implementation partners by providing clean drinking water during emergencies and in sustained community programs.

Procter & Gamble’s CSDW Program’s Director, Ms Allison Tummon Kamphuis said CSDW Program was initiated to address the global crisis of lack of access to clean drinking water using a simple technology that is the P&G Purifier of Water.

Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi, Procter &Gamble CSDW Program Director, Ms Allison Tummon take water with the beneficaries during the P&G celebrati

“We’ve seen the tremendous impact these packets can have when they are made available to people who need them,” said Ms Tummon. “The ability for people to make their own clean drinking water helps families avoid waterborne diseases, keeps children healthy so they can stay in school and helps entire communities.”

“Through a powder technology that kills deadly viruses and bacteria, removes dirt, parasites and other pollutants, contaminated water is made clean and drinkable for thousands of families across the country. Since 2004, P&G Purifier of Water Packets have been shared in more than 85 countries and the program has grown thanks to a worldwide network of NGO and government partners,” she added.

The P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme in Uganda is one of the larger P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water initiatives worldwide.  Working with PSI’s local affiliate PACE Uganda, ChildFund, Alive Medical Services, Save the Children, MSH, FXB, Action Against Hunger and others, P&G has helped purify more than 400 million litres of dirty water since 2005. P&G works with both local and international partners to provide clean water to families in rural areas, people affected by cholera outbreaks and floods as well as to people living with HIV-AIDS.

P&G’s commitment to Uganda continues and specifically, this year, the company will invest more than 1.6 billion UG shillings to provide nearly 60 million liters of clean drinking water to more than 75,000 people in Uganda.

In Uganda, 35% of people do not have access to safe drinking water. This not only affects their health, but also their education and economic opportunities – thus perpetuating a seemingly inescapable cycle of poverty.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi commended Procter and Gamble for their continuous efforts to improve the lives of thousands of Ugandans.

“The impact of the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme cannot be over-emphasized because lack of access to clean water has detrimental effects on families and communities. Providing a way for these communities to access to safe water helps them lead healthier, productive lives which in turn lead to better socio-economic standing.”

“The Ministry of Water and Environment has registered great success in improving access to safe water across the nation. And with partners such as Procter and Gamble coming in to supplement these efforts, I firmly believe that we will soon be able to fulfil our vision of providing clean and accessible water to every Ugandan,” he concluded.

Uganda’s Insurers set focus points for 2017

The Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) today announced that in 2017, insurers will largely focus on increasing access to information on insurance and access to insurance services.  This announcement was made during a media specific engagement in Kampala in which the Association updated the media on its activities and developments in 2016 as well as the industry’s plans for 2017.

“This year we launched our 3 year consumer education program with the objective of presenting insurance in simple terms to make it more relatable to the public in order to increase the appreciation and purchase of insurance.  One of our learnings over 2016 is that a level of awareness about insurance has been achieved. What we therefore need to focus on- in addition to continuous sensitization- is how we can better provide our services; improve on the information available and on how best we can reach the current and future consumers, “said Ms. Miriam Magala, Chief Executive Officer, UIA, at the engagement.” Our consumer awareness program follows from the industry’s market growth development plan which intends to see insurance penetration grow to 3% by 2025.”


“The amendments to the Financial Institutions Act (FIA) which now allow us to sell our products through bank networks as well as the development of Takaful (Islamic insurance) and micro insurance regulations also mean that as we continue to educate, the industry needs to be positioned to meet the needs of these particular market segments. This will extend to the products we are developing, access to these products, the information we relay and how best we manage both client and related stakeholder expectations,” added Mr. Deepak Pandey, Chairman UIA.

In 2017, the insurance industry will therefore look to leverage on technology and further develop their distribution models to improve on access to information to insurance services.

“One of the projects we shall be launching in early 2017 is the “App Challenge” in which we will invite the public and especially the youth, to develop an application which will be used to, among others, provide information on the basics of insurance, the different products/services on the market, information on licensed players as well as information on how to make a claim. We also expect that through this Challenge and the application itself, we will receive information on the public about our services and use that information to ensure that insurance remains relevant to the public,” Ms. Magala said.

The Association will also put in place fraud databases to enable the industry monitor and understand consumer consumption patterns and needs as well as determine fraud instances in order to curb this practice.

In terms of strategic action, to ensure the growth of the industry, the Association will continue its engagements with the Bank of Uganda, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, Uganda Bankers Association, the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders to ensure the establishment of a positive regulatory and business environment in 2017.  UIA has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Alhuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE), a partnership that will be critical as the industry prepares itself to take on Takaful (Islamic insurance). The partnership will extend to, among others, capacity building, product development, design and distribution, developing appropriate Takaful models for this market and providing advisory support on suitable regulatory frameworks. The Association will also continue to lobby for positive regulatory business environments, most important is the Insurance Bill, 2016 under which the Association is lobbying for the establishment of an appropriate & cost efficient business environment targeted at engineering growth, without compromising on supervisory intervention.  Most critical issues are to ensure that supervisory intervention is restricted to situations or circumstances bound to place policyholders funds at risk or if a business is unable to meet its liabilities; premiums are paid at inception or renewal of the policy- the current law allows for credit;  all local risks including marine, and oil & gas risks are written by and through locally licensed companies, and that the boards of insurance companies retains the right to determine the distribution of profits, subject to ensuring that there is sufficient capital in the company and that a company is able to pay claims when it is required to do so. We are confident that with our engagements with the Ministry, IRA and Members of Parliament, a suitable law will be passed. We are also advocating for a phased implementation of the law, once it is passed, due to the changes that will be required of companies including adjustments to capital, changes in internal processes and recruitment of additional staff.

The Association remains confident that through these and similar efforts, a fair regulatory environment will be established without compromising on supervisory intervention and unduly increasing business costs.

The Association will similarly continue to work with the Ministry of Finance, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA), the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda Revenue Authority to ensure the enforcement of the compulsory insurances in 2017 that is- Motor Third Party Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Marine Insurance.

Uganda Insurers Association is the umbrella organization for all insurance and reinsurance companies in Uganda. Membership currently stands at 32 Life, General and Reinsurance companies.

Northern Region boys are the Kings of Airtel Rising Stars Season Six.

Season Six of the Airtel Rising Stars (ARS) National U-17 football tournament officially came to a close over the weekend at UTC play grounds in Lira district. Open to both boys and girls, the tournament featured sixteen teams from eight regions around the country competing to take the coveted national championships trophy home.


The boys’ finals saw Northern region outclass Buganda region selected players when they scored two goals as soon as the first half kicked off. The own goal from Buganda region’s Musa Jjagwe gave Northern region an early lead. Not even Karim Byaruhanga’s second half goal could save Buganda region who eventually lost 2 – 1 to the Northern select players.

Buganda region’s consolation came in the girls’ category when their selected team defeated Eastern region girls 1 – 0 to defend their title. The only goal of the game was scored by Josephine Ndagire in the first half.

Speaking at the end of the tournament, Airtel Uganda Public Relations Officer Faith Bugonzi said the ARS platform, over the past five seasons, has been a medium of talent discovery for young stars, some of whom have gone on to play for different clubs in Uganda as well as the national team.

“For the last six years, Airtel Uganda, through the Airtel Rising Stars U-17 boys’ and girls’ football programme, has remained focused to the goal of developing grassroots talent and we are committed to carrying on this programme for many more years,” she said.

The FUFA Vice President and Chief Guest, Mr Justus Mugisha lauded Airtel Uganda for this great initiative.

“I would like to thank Airtel Uganda for not being self-centred with their sponsorship. Many sponsors come to us and only want to sponsor the Uganda Cranes but Airtel Uganda has proven to be the number one supporter of football in Uganda by sponsoring the beautiful game from the grass roots all the way to the top,” he stated before advising the youngsters to front discipline above anything else for chances of prosperity in their respective careers.

The winners of the national tournament walked away with trophies, certificates, balls, kits and a cash prize of UGX 5,000,000 each. The first runners-up also took home trophies, certificates, and a cash prize of UGX 3,000,000 each.


Buganda region’s Tom Kakaire and Rashida Nankya were named ARS season six male and female MVPs respectively. They each took home a brand new mobile phone courtesy of Airtel Uganda.

Coca-Cola, Medshare Donate Medical Equipment worth Shs 1.4 Billion to Kamuli Hospital.

Over the weekend, Coca-Cola Beverage Africa (CCBA) in partnership with Medshare International, delivered vital medical supplies worth 1.4 Billion UGX ($ 417,093) to Kamuli Hospital, as part of an agreement with the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Speaker of Parliament to deliver medical equipment to hospitals in Kamuli, Kakuuto and Kalangala.

With a focus on maternal health and infant care, CCBA delivered machines such as fetal scanners, infant warmers, delivery beds, an electrical surgery unit, an anesthetic unit, an oxygen concentrator, lab equipment, wheel chairs and many others. They also renovated the maternity and pediatric wards of the hospital.


Speaking at the handover ceremony in Kamuli, the CCBA Uganda HR Director Martha Munnu Omer (Mrs.) said, “We know that our business can only be as strong as the communities we serve, and we’re honored that we could use our expertise to improve the distribution of medicine and medical supplies.  This project has been a great and growing success so far, and we look forward to working with our partners to improve lives across more communities in Uganda, and Africa at large,” she said, adding that CCBA is privileged to be able to help more people enjoy better access to life-sustaining and life-enhancing medical facilities.

This Public-Private partnership, applies Coca-Cola’s logistic, supply chain, distribution and marketing expertise to help the Ugandan government maximize the ability to get critical medical supplies to remote communities in Uganda.

Hon. Sarah Opendi, the State Minister for Health applauded CCBA for the initiative and called upon the district leaders to ensure that this equipment is put to good use.

“This donation of medical equipment is an excellent example of partners coming together to develop an innovative solution that provides access to critical medicines and medical supplies in remote Ugandan communities,” she said.

Commenting about this initiative, Nell Diallo, the Vice President – Corporate & International Relations at Medshare International said “….as a global community, we have set ambitious goals of ending preventable child and maternal deaths and creating an AIDS-free generation.”

The Guest of Honor – Ms. Rebecca Kadaga, the Rt. Hon Speaker of Parliament, who made the request to Coca-Cola in 2014 commended CCBA for following through with their promise.

“The private sector has a vital role to play in the development of our country. When we come together, we can develop our communities a sector at a time. Today, the health sector in Kamuli has received hi-tech medical equipment, thanks to Medshare who donated this equipment and CCBA who covered the costs and handled all the logistics,” she said.

“By harnessing the power of this coalition to get life-saving medicines to the people that need them most, we can help to bend the curve and accelerate reductions in child and maternal deaths,” she concluded

Mafikizolo dazzles at the 14th Blankets and Wine Edition.


The 14th edition of the Tusker Malt Lager sponsored Blankets and Wine Kampala social event was all that had been promised to be. The blend of Giovani Kiyingi, Levixone, Qwela Band, DJ Saint Evo and the main act Mafikizolo, showed why Blankets and Wine is still the social event of the year.

With a big turn up at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the new home of Blankets and Wine Kampala, revelers were at the grounds as early as midday.

The show kicked off at 2pm with House of DJs entertaining revelers with various DJs taking to the turntables.

Giovanni Kiyingi well known for his multi-instrumentalist skills, opened up the day’s performances. It is his songs like, Joy of an African, Ekibbobo, Kanyimbe, Onukisa omulala, Ssegamwenge, Enukuba, which made the revelers dance along to his music despite the rain.


Fast rising Urban Reggae and R n’ B Ugandan Gospel artiste Levixone,  brought a change of mood as he sang Nonya Omu, Shuga, Niwewe , Victory, Kangende Noono, Samanya (ft. Akello). He preached the word of God to the fans as he had promised earlier and the revelers sang alongside him.

Qwela which means ‘pure’ in Rukiga- one of Uganda’s ethnic languages added more energetic mood to the revelers as they performed many of theirs songs. The band made the revelers dance the traditional way of Kikiga with their songs like Mama Tokaaba, Okello, Take it all back. Qwela band put up a good performance and it left the revelers yarning for more.

DJ Saint Evo stepped on stage and played for the crowd some of his afro fusion club bangers.

The Tusker VIP tent and bars were busy entertaining the guests with beer and eatables as they were enjoying the music.

When Mafikizolo later on took the stage, the party was only getting started, the duo was clearly astonished by the atmosphere of the crowd that had been waiting anxiously. They perfomerd songs like Happiness, Tchelete Goodlife but when they played the “Khona” song, the revelers went into a sing-along that was only similar to an anthem.

“The 14th edition of Blankets and Wine was remarkably different from the others. This edition was at a new venue Lugogo Cricket Oval. Having Mafikizolo the finest acts on the continent has shown how we have grown. Our consumers got a new experience and indeed enjoyed, Ugandan musicians like Giovani Kiyingi, Qwela Band and Levixone who performed alongside them created that much loved afro-based music fusion.” said Alex Tusingwire, the Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager.


“In the past 13 editions, several artistes like Oliver Mtukudzi, Freshly Ground, Liquideep, Just a Band, Afrigo Band, MI Casa among others have performed in Kampala. Now we can add Mafikizolo to the list.” he added.

Blankets & Wine provides a platform for appreciation to consumers by show casing the rich African talent and in LIVE performances by a wide array of artists.

Rhines Girls and Wakiso Hill Boys Shine at ARS Buganda Regional Finals.

Last weekend, Buganda region U-17 boys’ and girls’ football teams faced off in the second regional games of the 2016 Airtel Rising Stars tournament played at the Technical Institute Grounds in Mubende and attended by residents of Mubende and surrounding districts, Airtel Uganda staff, members of FUFA as well as local leaders led by His Worship Ssekiziyivu Innocent, the Mayor of Mubende Municipality.


The games that took place on Saturday and Sunday saw Rhines S.S girls and Wakiso Hill S.S boys emerge victors and receive trophies, certificates, balls, kits and a cash prize of UGX 1,000,000 each. The first runners up – Mubende Select team boys and Mukono Bishops team girls – took home trophies, certificates, and a cash prize of UGX 500,000 each.

Speaking during the award giving ceremony, Airtel Uganda Brand and Assets Executive, Mr. Musa Mayanja applauded all the participating teams, players and coaches for their perseverance, dedication and hard work throughout the tournament.

“Over the past five seasons, we have seen many former ARS players go on to play for different clubs in Uganda as well as the national team and we believe that those qualities that this youth tournament instilled in them were a major contributor to their growth,” he said.


His Worship Ssekiziyivu Innocent, the Mayor of Mubende Municipality and Guest of Honor congratulated the winning teams and thanked Airtel Uganda and FUFA for their commitment to the development and empowerment of Ugandan youth through this soccer initiative. He also thanked the organizers for choosing Mubende town to host this prestigious youth tournament and encouraged the selected players to focus and train for the national championships.

The soccer talent search program will end in a fashionable football camp for select top talents who will emerge from the respective regions and will be mentored by professional football coaches and players.

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