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Procter & Gamble Marks 12 years of Sharing Clean Drinking Water.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is committed to leveraging a tiny packet in a big way for the one billion people who still live without clean drinking water. Today, P&G announced that its non-profit initiative, the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW), has provided its 12 billion litre of clean drinking water as part of P&G’s commitment to help address the global water crisis.

This key milestone was celebrated in Kampala, where CSDW was also marking its 12th year of providing clean drinking water to needy communities around Uganda. Since its inception in 2004, CSDW has worked with a global network of more than 150 advocacy and implementation partners by providing clean drinking water during emergencies and in sustained community programs.

Procter & Gamble’s CSDW Program’s Director, Ms Allison Tummon Kamphuis said CSDW Program was initiated to address the global crisis of lack of access to clean drinking water using a simple technology that is the P&G Purifier of Water.

Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi, Procter &Gamble CSDW Program Director, Ms Allison Tummon take water with the beneficaries during the P&G celebrati

“We’ve seen the tremendous impact these packets can have when they are made available to people who need them,” said Ms Tummon. “The ability for people to make their own clean drinking water helps families avoid waterborne diseases, keeps children healthy so they can stay in school and helps entire communities.”

“Through a powder technology that kills deadly viruses and bacteria, removes dirt, parasites and other pollutants, contaminated water is made clean and drinkable for thousands of families across the country. Since 2004, P&G Purifier of Water Packets have been shared in more than 85 countries and the program has grown thanks to a worldwide network of NGO and government partners,” she added.

The P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme in Uganda is one of the larger P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water initiatives worldwide.  Working with PSI’s local affiliate PACE Uganda, ChildFund, Alive Medical Services, Save the Children, MSH, FXB, Action Against Hunger and others, P&G has helped purify more than 400 million litres of dirty water since 2005. P&G works with both local and international partners to provide clean water to families in rural areas, people affected by cholera outbreaks and floods as well as to people living with HIV-AIDS.

P&G’s commitment to Uganda continues and specifically, this year, the company will invest more than 1.6 billion UG shillings to provide nearly 60 million liters of clean drinking water to more than 75,000 people in Uganda.

In Uganda, 35% of people do not have access to safe drinking water. This not only affects their health, but also their education and economic opportunities – thus perpetuating a seemingly inescapable cycle of poverty.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi commended Procter and Gamble for their continuous efforts to improve the lives of thousands of Ugandans.

“The impact of the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Programme cannot be over-emphasized because lack of access to clean water has detrimental effects on families and communities. Providing a way for these communities to access to safe water helps them lead healthier, productive lives which in turn lead to better socio-economic standing.”

“The Ministry of Water and Environment has registered great success in improving access to safe water across the nation. And with partners such as Procter and Gamble coming in to supplement these efforts, I firmly believe that we will soon be able to fulfil our vision of providing clean and accessible water to every Ugandan,” he concluded.


Northern Region boys are the Kings of Airtel Rising Stars Season Six.

Season Six of the Airtel Rising Stars (ARS) National U-17 football tournament officially came to a close over the weekend at UTC play grounds in Lira district. Open to both boys and girls, the tournament featured sixteen teams from eight regions around the country competing to take the coveted national championships trophy home.


The boys’ finals saw Northern region outclass Buganda region selected players when they scored two goals as soon as the first half kicked off. The own goal from Buganda region’s Musa Jjagwe gave Northern region an early lead. Not even Karim Byaruhanga’s second half goal could save Buganda region who eventually lost 2 – 1 to the Northern select players.

Buganda region’s consolation came in the girls’ category when their selected team defeated Eastern region girls 1 – 0 to defend their title. The only goal of the game was scored by Josephine Ndagire in the first half.

Speaking at the end of the tournament, Airtel Uganda Public Relations Officer Faith Bugonzi said the ARS platform, over the past five seasons, has been a medium of talent discovery for young stars, some of whom have gone on to play for different clubs in Uganda as well as the national team.

“For the last six years, Airtel Uganda, through the Airtel Rising Stars U-17 boys’ and girls’ football programme, has remained focused to the goal of developing grassroots talent and we are committed to carrying on this programme for many more years,” she said.

The FUFA Vice President and Chief Guest, Mr Justus Mugisha lauded Airtel Uganda for this great initiative.

“I would like to thank Airtel Uganda for not being self-centred with their sponsorship. Many sponsors come to us and only want to sponsor the Uganda Cranes but Airtel Uganda has proven to be the number one supporter of football in Uganda by sponsoring the beautiful game from the grass roots all the way to the top,” he stated before advising the youngsters to front discipline above anything else for chances of prosperity in their respective careers.

The winners of the national tournament walked away with trophies, certificates, balls, kits and a cash prize of UGX 5,000,000 each. The first runners-up also took home trophies, certificates, and a cash prize of UGX 3,000,000 each.


Buganda region’s Tom Kakaire and Rashida Nankya were named ARS season six male and female MVPs respectively. They each took home a brand new mobile phone courtesy of Airtel Uganda.

Coca-Cola, Medshare Donate Medical Equipment worth Shs 1.4 Billion to Kamuli Hospital.

Over the weekend, Coca-Cola Beverage Africa (CCBA) in partnership with Medshare International, delivered vital medical supplies worth 1.4 Billion UGX ($ 417,093) to Kamuli Hospital, as part of an agreement with the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Speaker of Parliament to deliver medical equipment to hospitals in Kamuli, Kakuuto and Kalangala.

With a focus on maternal health and infant care, CCBA delivered machines such as fetal scanners, infant warmers, delivery beds, an electrical surgery unit, an anesthetic unit, an oxygen concentrator, lab equipment, wheel chairs and many others. They also renovated the maternity and pediatric wards of the hospital.


Speaking at the handover ceremony in Kamuli, the CCBA Uganda HR Director Martha Munnu Omer (Mrs.) said, “We know that our business can only be as strong as the communities we serve, and we’re honored that we could use our expertise to improve the distribution of medicine and medical supplies.  This project has been a great and growing success so far, and we look forward to working with our partners to improve lives across more communities in Uganda, and Africa at large,” she said, adding that CCBA is privileged to be able to help more people enjoy better access to life-sustaining and life-enhancing medical facilities.

This Public-Private partnership, applies Coca-Cola’s logistic, supply chain, distribution and marketing expertise to help the Ugandan government maximize the ability to get critical medical supplies to remote communities in Uganda.

Hon. Sarah Opendi, the State Minister for Health applauded CCBA for the initiative and called upon the district leaders to ensure that this equipment is put to good use.

“This donation of medical equipment is an excellent example of partners coming together to develop an innovative solution that provides access to critical medicines and medical supplies in remote Ugandan communities,” she said.

Commenting about this initiative, Nell Diallo, the Vice President – Corporate & International Relations at Medshare International said “….as a global community, we have set ambitious goals of ending preventable child and maternal deaths and creating an AIDS-free generation.”

The Guest of Honor – Ms. Rebecca Kadaga, the Rt. Hon Speaker of Parliament, who made the request to Coca-Cola in 2014 commended CCBA for following through with their promise.

“The private sector has a vital role to play in the development of our country. When we come together, we can develop our communities a sector at a time. Today, the health sector in Kamuli has received hi-tech medical equipment, thanks to Medshare who donated this equipment and CCBA who covered the costs and handled all the logistics,” she said.

“By harnessing the power of this coalition to get life-saving medicines to the people that need them most, we can help to bend the curve and accelerate reductions in child and maternal deaths,” she concluded

Airtel Uganda Touches Lives through Community Health Fair.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Airtel Uganda held a community health fair at Kakomo Primary School located in Kitumba sub county, Kabale.

In partnership with Hind’s Feet Program, Airtel Uganda invited residents of kitumba sub county and surrounding areas to attend the free health fair which started very early in the morning and went on until sunrise.

Airtel staff member Donates blood

The medical services offered included; Hepatitis B screening and shots, Dental, eye checkups and general medicine, Screening for HIV, diabetes, ulcers, blood pressure, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B, Screening and tests for malaria and cervical cancer, blood donation , Nutritional consultations, Consultations on disease prevention and management, Onsite treatment for common illnesses and donating towels, clothes, washing soap, toothpaste and tooth brushes to mothers and expectant ladies.

Hind's feet project volunter attends to sick reidents during the Health fair in kabale sponsored by Airtel Uganda

Speaking during the community health fair, Airtel Uganda Public Relations Manager, Mr.  Sandor Walusimbi said; “Airtel Uganda is proud to be associated with the communities that it serves. It is gratifying to see over 2,000 people come in to get access to free medical checkup treatment, counseling and referrals.”

Airtel Uganda staff members pose for a group photo with Hind's feet project volunters during the Health fair in Kabale

“Working closely with our partners, we will continue to reach out to other communities in Uganda,” he added.

This is not the first time that the telecommunications’ company is holding a community outreach program in Uganda. Last year, Airtel Uganda held similar programs in Arua, Bugiri and other districts around the country.

Airtel Rwanda is changing one community at a time.

Airtel Rwanda has been giving back to the communities it operates in all over Rwanda. Looking back at 2015, Airtel managed to partake in different fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Being a socially responsible company is a mandate that is highly followed by all Airtel staff all over the world. It is a pillar that has proved to position Airtel as one of the most loved brands in the world.

Airtel Rwanda Head of CSR & Corporate Communications, Denise Umunyana hands over handsets to help in Breast  Cancer Awareness

Airtel Rwanda undertakes in various CSR projects that include; sports, education, technology, health and environment conservation.

In 2015, Airtel Rwanda was able to impact the lives of the communities it operates in through certain activities. In the field of sports, Airtel continued with the development of grassroots football through the Airtel Rising Stars football competition which was in its third season. Through the monthly Umuganda activities, Airtel donated reading materials and planted trees in different parts of Rwanda.

Airtel Rwanda staff members distributing books to children at the Reading Umuganda activity.

Airtel continues to support girls in technology through offering internships to bright young girls who are interested in technology.

During last year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, Airtel staff took part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and later the company donated smartphones to the Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa Inc. that were to be used  to help raise breast cancer awareness by reaching out to people in villages. Additionally, Airtel Rwanda was among the companies that partnered with the African Union to garner resources in support of Ebola affected countries in West Africa.

Some of the Airtel Rwanda Staff during the Breast Cancer Wareness Walk in Kigali

In last year’s festive season, Airtel Rwanda staff held a Christmas party for the children at Home don Bosco in Nyanza where they gave out Christmas gifts such as scholastic material and clothing to the children. Speaking to Micheline Umulisa, Airtel Rwanda’s CSR Coordinator, she said that Airtel will continue to support the people of Rwanda as they grow further.

“For the development of Airtel in Rwanda, we have to ensure the wellbeing of the communities we operate in.” she added.


Airtel Uganda continues to impact lives through ‘Together We Can’ TV Show.

Airtel Uganda, through their television series ‘Together We Can’ recently reached out and offered assistance to Pelletier teenage mothers’ foundation, a program that takes care of teen mothers, and Cherish Uganda, an organization that advocates for the cause of the orphaned and vulnerable children focusing mainly on the HIV+ child.

Airtel Uganda employees led by HR Director Ms. Flavia Ntambi hand over hair driers and other tools to Pelletier Teenage Mothers foundation

Pelletier teenage mothers’ foundation takes on 50 teenage mothers with their babies for a 12-month period, enrolling them in various skills’ trainings which include hair dressing, bakery and tailoring so as to teach them how to support themselves and their babies. This program also helps the young mothers start up small businesses and has, over the last 4 years, enabled over 150 teenage mothers to become small business owners. Due to challenges such as lack of accommodation, domestic violence, poverty and sexual abuse, this program has a 70% completion rate with about 15 of the 50 mothers dropping out in the course of the year.

Some of the with tools Airtel Uganda handed over to Pelletier Teenage Mothers foundation to enable them to continue helping the community

Cherish Uganda is an organization that advocates for the cause of the orphaned and vulnerable children focusing mainly on the HIV+ child and aims to enrich the health of high-risk communities by providing care for children and caregivers, especially those living with HIV, and empowering local healthcare workers through education and training.  Presently Cherish Uganda effects its work through three major arms; Akaloosa Village; which comprises of 7 homes to 50 HIV+ children; Cherish Primary School where the children from the homes are educated; and Hope Hospital which aims to be a community centre reflecting the core principles of health, healing, hope, and love. Challenges such as lack of special care for the HIV+ children and inadequate funding are still being faced, even as the organisation continues to invest in projects such as piggery, poultry and farming in a bid to become financially independent.

Under their ‘Together We Can’ initiative, Airtel Uganda reached out to these two organisations in an attempt to provide them with tools and funds to enable them to continue helping the communities in which they exist.

An Airtel staff member displays the sewing machines, zippers, tape measures, scissors, driers, sinks and shower caps given to Pelletier Teenage Mothers' foundation to support their hair dressing and tailoring classes

Cherish Uganda received bicycles, school bags, bottles, clothes, shoes and toys for the young children and Pelletier teenage mothers’ foundation received equipment such as sewing machines, zippers, tape measures, scissors, driers, sinks and shower caps to support the school’s hair dressing and tailoring classes so as to enable them to continue empowering the young mothers in the community.

‘Together We Can’ is a 52-part TV show created by Airtel Uganda to explore a range of issues currently being faced by Ugandans, including poverty, health and education challenges. Focusing on self-service, each episode shows a Ugandan silent hero who is working to improve the status of the community in which they live and ends with the ultimate celebration when Airtel Uganda awards them with prizes that enable them to further impact the community in which they live.

Emirates partners with United for Wildlife in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

Two massive Emirates A380 jets take to the skies this week, wearing special livery in support of United for Wildlife, a global collaboration that unites the efforts of the world’s leading wildlife charities in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

The beautiful livery, featuring some of the planet’s wildlife threatened by poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, aims to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and communicate the need for urgent action.

The Rt Hon The Lord Hague of Richmond, Chair of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce said: “We welcome the efforts and commitment made by Emirates airline to combat the illegal wildlife trade. This is more than just an environmental issue. The illegal wildlife trade is now recognized as a serious and organised transnational crime. It drives corruption, is linked to money laundering and can damage economic development in many of the world’s poorest countries and communities. It will take a concerted effort, involving not only effective deterrents against poaching and smuggling, and vigilance in policing and punishing these crimes, but also efforts to increase consumer education to cut demand to protect these animals for the future. ”

Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “Many animals, in particular African elephants, rhinos, tigers, and pangolins, are under extreme pressure because of an unprecedented spike in the illegal wildlife trade. The world is in a global poaching crisis, and everyone has to do their part to stop this, before it is too late. Emirates believes that the global transport industry, including airlines, can play a significant role to break the supply chain of illegal wildlife trade. And at Emirates, we are committing the resources to do our part.”

Consumers too, can contribute in a big way, by boycotting products made from the parts of these endangered animals and discouraging others from doing so.

Emirates’ two A380s will be operating flights this week. The first one departed for London (LHR) on 2nd November and a second will operate to Mauritius (MRU) on 5th November, each wearing a different design featuring endangered wildlife. The decal on the first flight featured six endangered species, while the second flight will feature a decal with rhinos and elephants. Both designs cover the world’s largest passenger aircraft almost from nose to tail, spreading over the wings and under-belly of the plane. Approximately 40% of the surface area of the A380 will be covered by the decal. The larger of the two designs span over 42.5 metres in length and 6.2 metres in width, and weighs 70kg. Entirely designed, produced, and applied by Emirates’ in-house staff, both of these are the largest decals the airline has put on any aircraft, to date and took a team of 28 people 2.5 days to apply the decals on one A380, or approximately 900 man hours per aircraft.

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