Airtel Uganda Participates in Agripreneurship EXPO.

Airtel Uganda joined hands with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) of Uganda to sponsor the 2015 Agripreneur Summit Expo that was held on the 22nd and 23rd of April at UMA show grounds in Kampala.

Themed “growing tomorrow’s bottom line”, the two day event that happened as part of the worldwide Earth Day celebrations was designed to showcase the importance of managing all aspects of agribusiness – from seed to supermarket shelf – under a formal business model, which offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing businesses to capture the worldwide appeal for the products grown and produced in Uganda.

According to Captain Abhay Agarwal, the President of AmCham Uganda,” AmCham Uganda is a business networking membership organization designed to bring together individuals, NGOs, and companies to promote continued trade and business opportunities with US companies, based either here in Uganda or in the USA.

With our visiting US Delegation, we trust that new business will be created as you learn about new technologies that have advanced the US farmer, and learn about new standards by which the US market uses to choose products to purchase from the Global Marketplace,” he said.

Talking about Airtel’s role in enabling global competitiveness in the Agribusiness sector, Ms. Geraldine Opoka, the Corporate Sales Manager at Airtel Uganda said, “In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that businesses capitalize on a host of technologies that are designed to improve and enhance day to day operations in order to remain ahead of their competition.”

“With a range of new features and applications available, Airtel Uganda has innovated a host of integral business tools that enhance communication with both colleagues and clients for the betterment of their businesses,” she added.

Over the two days of the EXPO, key note speakers; Mr. Patrick Bitature, the CEO of Simba Telecom and Hon. Victoria Sekitoleko, the former Minister of Agriculture shared experiences with their fellow farmers who learnt a lot about agricultural policies that enable investment, expansion of business opportunities, and the conditions necessary for Uganda’s agricultural sector to flourish.


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