Airtel Uganda Offers Business Enterprise Solutions to Mbale High Value Customers.

Following a successful High Value Expo in Mbarara held earlier this year, Airtel Uganda decided to extend enterprise solutions to their High Value customers in the Eastern region through a one-day training held at Mbale Resort Hotel in Mbale.

Already a market leader in Enterprise Business Telecommunication Solutions, Airtel Enterprise Business solutions support businesses, enterprises and organisations with telecommunication solutions that are customised to meet the ever increasing demand for Information Technology.

Speaking at the expo, Speaking on behalf of Mr. Tom Gutjahr, Airtel Uganda’s Managing Director, Airtel’s Head of Enterprise Solutions George Waigumbulizi noted that the Telecom Company provides a host of business-oriented services which, “…we believe, have enabled our customers to fully realize the potential of their enterprises.”

“Our office package is made up of several high-end products and services that are both data and product based,” added Gutjahr who concluded by reiterating Airtel Uganda’s commitment to creating innovative products and services that serve the needs of the modern client.

He went on to point out the wide range of customers for these services who include, Government institutions, financial service providers, NGOs as well as manufacturing and energy institutions. Oladapo also praised Airtel’s countrywide and global presence which allows clients to access the business solutions from anywhere in the country and in any of Airtel’s operative countries world-wide. “This makes it easy to work on the move and access data and information remotely.”

The Airtel Uganda Enterprise Expo will be held in other locations across the country where the Company will continue to showcase its product range as well as offer its customers and other business owners training to enable them support their organizations’ communication needs.


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