Airtel Uganda Staff pay a visit to Uganda Cheshire Homes, Katalemwa.

Airtel Uganda staff paid a visit to the Uganda Cheshire Homes in Katalemwa. This is main pre- and postoperative rehabilitation unit for corrective surgery (orthopedic and plastic) in Uganda. This was the first time and Airtel has identified the home as a place where their staff and partners should volunteer to be a part of seeing the children rise above their disabilities to become change drivers in their own communities.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the home is feeding. Airtel thus came through with food items to enable the children’s stay and that of their care takers very comfortable as the children go through rehabilitation.

Speaking at the handover, Charity Rwabutomize said; “Our future plan is to donate materials to their leather workshop that makes artificial limbs, wheel chairs, orthopedic appliances and other mobility aids for the children. We also intend to work on a data solution for the administration. Airtel is committed to taking affirmative action in making significant contribution to the well-being of the weaker sections of the society.”

Among the items donated were;

Qty Description
1 Maize flour (5kgx10)
3 Rice 50kg
3 Sugar 50kg
2 Beans (1kgx100)
3 Soya millet (1kgx100)
10 Energy drink
3 Cooking oil mukwano 20ltrs
4 Salt (500gx40)



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