Emirates offers Seven Day Grand Flash Sale to Ugandans.

Emirates is offering Ugandans the opportunity to visit some of the world’s top destinations with very attractive fares in a seven day flash sale.

The sale that commences today will enable customers to book through Emirates booking office located on Kimathi & Colville Street Kampala, local travel agencies or online www.emirates.com.The flash sale allows tickets to be purchased one month before travel commences and allows ample time for planning.

The special offer is valid for round trip travel to several destinations with fares starting from:

For Economy Class : Entebbe to Ahmedabad for 508 USD, Mumbai for 541 USD, Delhi 701USD, Bangkok for 852 USD, London for 844 USD and New York for 1220 USD. Travel to the Chinese city of Shanghai is 1206 USD, Guangzhou is 852 USD, and Bangalore is 879 USD while the vibrant capital city of Beijing is 951USD.

For Business Class: Entebbe to Ahmedabad for 1,611 USD, Mumbai 1,632 USD, Delhi 1,857 USD, Bangkok 1,886 USD, London 2,630 USD and New York for 3,332 USD. Travel to Shanghai at 3,154 USD, Guangzhou 2,409 USD, Bangalore 1,936 USD and Beijing is 2,714 USD. This flash sale means Ugandans can save up to 30 % off the normal fare on both Economy and Business Class tickets to the above destinations.

Emirates Country Manager Mr Thani Abdulla Al Ansari said, “Emirates is giving Ugandans an opportunity to travel to their favourite destination at very attractive fares. Whether it is for business, leisure or family, Emirates has something for everyone and this flash sale is meant to give back to our customers.”

Emirates operates an Airbus A340-500 on the Entebbe – Dubai route with a capacity of 258 seats in a three-class configuration, offering twelve luxurious First Class suites, 42 seats in Business Class and generous space for 204 passengers in Economy Class. Emirates operate daily flights between Entebbe and Dubai. EK 729 departs Dubai International Airport every day at 0835hrs and arrives at the Entebbe International Airport at 1245hrs. The return flight, EK730, leaves Entebbe at 1535hrs and lands in Dubai at 2155hrs. Emirates fly to more than 140 destinations around the world via our Dubai hub, connecting cities across the globe.






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