H+K ACCESS Launches to Support Communication Needs of Chinese Companies in Africa

We are pleased to announce the launch of H+K ACCESS, our dedicated Africa-China Business Service. The service, supported by H+K teams in Beijing, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kampala and Lagos will provide a full range of public relations and public affairs communications services for Chinese companies operating in the African continent. H+K ACCESS builds on our existing track record of working with Chinese companies in Africa and is further evidence of our commitment to supporting the ‘going global’ strategy of Chinese companies.

China and Africa business ties are already strong. By the end of 2011 China’s cumulative foreign direct investment in Africa exceeded US$14.7 billion, up 60 percent from 2009. China is also the continent’s largest single investor and aid donor. China has committed US$75 billion in aid and development projects in Africa in the past decade. Many of Africa’s roads, ports, buildings and other large-scale infrastructure projects are being built by Chinese companies. Investment from Chinese companies in Africa’s services sector is also increasing rapidly.

“More than ever, clients in China are seeking opportunities to expand their business overseas. Africa, with rich natural resources, rapidly developing industries and a booming consumer population, is an attractive destination,” said Ye Yu, H+K China co-president. “Chinese companies recognize that H+K Strategies’ ability to act as a trusted strategic advisor around the world sets us apart. H+K ACCESS provides dedicated resources to help Chinese companies overcome the challenges they face in Africa and build a solid platform for business success.”

Alexander Doll, CEO, H+K Africa, explains: “With more than 1 billion people in 54 countries, Africa provides unique political, operational, cultural and communication challenges for Chinese firms. These challenges differ from market to market. H+K ACCESS will provide a one-stop shop for companies’ communication needs, from traditional media relations to social media, and marketing communications to public affairs.

“This initiative comes at an ideal time as Chinese companies explore African opportunities and African governments, companies and consumers realise the enormous value that Chinese companies bring. H+K has the largest footprint of fully fledged offices on the continent and experience in building brands in 21 African markets. We aim to be the ideal partner to navigate the complexities of communicating on the continent,” adds Doll.

Vivian Lines, H+K global vice chairman and chairman, Asia Pacific, noted:  “H+K recognizes the fundamental shift taking place in the global economy, as the developing world grows in financial might. We have seen the rise of the BRICS nations and are witnessing a new wave of development in the more recently coined MINT countries. We believe it is important for H+K to provide services that support the growing interconnections between these nations. H+K ACCESS will undoubtedly do so for Africa and China.”


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