Beats, balls and beers excite Mbale revelers.

The Bell Fiesta on thrilled Mbale residents with not only Balls, Beats and Beers but an exhilarating performance from their home girl Cindy who firmly reminded her fans why she was among the winners of Coca-Cola pops stars in 2004.

The Thatch Gardens was transformed into a beautiful spectacle of music and soccer as Bell Fiesta’s thrill, Human Table Football, left the hundreds that had thronged the venue asking for more after an unforgettable experience.

The wet ground from the previous day’s rain did not stop revelers from engaging in the Bell Fiesta activities as the Inflatable Goal Penalty Shootouts became an instant hit with fans excited on the prospects of winning Bell Lager merchandise by scoring.

Foosball was also a joy of many and when the team formations were announced, all action moved to the Human Table Football with the eight teams, XFC, SS Boys, Thachi, Tigers, Flying Birds, Gala Tickles, Pro City and Namakwere Boys battling out for the grand prize of UGX 400,000.

Tigers FC drew the first blood when they played against Thachi in the first game and it was evident after that that they were the team to beat.

The crowd was entertained and hyped by MC Dave Dash and MC Ken and every time they would mention Cindy, the crowd would give a rousing applaud showing their love and anticipation to the “Total Satisfaction” hit singer’s performance.

The gruelling final in the Human Table Football pitted Tigers FC and XFC lasting 10 minutes which finally saw Tigers FC clinch the prize money with a 1-0 thrashing off XFC in an entertaining match.

And when Cindy finally got onto the stage, revelers could not stop chanting and singing along to her songs, a demonstration of how much backing she has from the Eastern town of Mbale. She did not disappoint her fans as she belted out sweet tunes to her greatest hits like Total Satisfaction, Mungu Bwasalawo,Selecta and Nkoye Amateeka. Coupled with her sensual dance moves and two dancers by her side, Cindy gave an unforgettable performance capping off the Bell Fiesta in style.

The crowd was further on entertained by the Bell Magic dancers and Mbale’s own local talent Kenny Yo and the pool side assassins who curtain raised for the main act, Cindy.

Speaking after the Bell Fiesta in Mbale, “The Bell Fiesta will continue with its nationwide tour with the mega extravaganzas in the different parts of the country. Today we are here to bring a unique party experience of the Fiesta to the fun loving people of Mbale and we have done so the Bell Lager way” said Bell Lager brand Manager Robert Nsibirwa.

The Bell Fiesta continues with its nationwide tour, and it is expected that music and soccer lovers will come out in crowds to get a first-hand experience of this exciting and challenging game that has so far rocked the country, Human Table Foosball, a first in Uganda.



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