Kampala City Festival 2013 Unveiled

The Kampala Capital City Authority has today announced the date, programme and layout of the all new Kampala City Festival that is scheduled for 6th October, 2013 in Kampala City.

The Kampala City Festival which replaces the Kampala city carnival 2012 will become a much anticipated moment for citizens to share and learn, while acting as an economic engine for organizations to grow, network and prosper.

The Festival’s theme this year is ‘Our City. Our Celebration’ and will be a platform to celebrate the many things that set Kampala apart from other cities.


UBL Marketing Director Grace Nshemeire Gwaku (Left) and Jennifer Musisi, KCCA’s Executive Director

Speaking during the launch, Jennifer Musisi, KCCA’s Executive Director said, “We have a great history in Kampala that is known to the world over and the Festival will be recognition of that rich heritage. It is also a great opportunity for Uganda to show the world that we truly are a Centre of excellence and The Pearl of Africa.”


Uganda Breweries Limited under their flagship brand Bell Lager has been confirmed as a platinum sponsor of this year’s Kampala City Festival, speaking at the press conference UBL Marketing Director Grace Nshemeire Gwaku said, “We are proud to associate the Bell lager brand with this year’s Kampala City festival because of its rich heritage. The festival is the appropriate platform for the residents of Kampala City to celebrate their achievement and be proud of their city”.

Information about Kampala City Festival is available on KCCA’s website www.kcca.go.ug. The public can also get real time information and updates by visiting KCCA’s Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/kccaug on and Twitter handle on https://twitter.com/KCCAUG .You can also look out for press and posters for details.


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